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We have one goal: To provide world class Ship Management & Marine Consultancy

It’s our passion to consistently produce results beyound our clients’ expectations. We deliver maximum value in the technical management of offshore support and commercial vessels as well as marine consultancy. This is why we are a class ahead of others.

Prime Ship Management and Consulting

Our Vision

To be a Globally recognized Vessel Management and Marine Consultancy brand constantly striving to operates in a sustainable environment with the latest in Marine technology. ​

Our Mission

To provide world class Ship Management services and Technical Consultancy in the Maritime as well as the Oil and Gas industry.

Our Values

Values: Caring for your investments to generate more wealth for you.​

Prime Ship Management and Consulting Limited is an indigenous Ghanaian business established on 17th October, 2019 and has been duly registered under the Ghana Companies Act, 1963 (Act 170) with its principal activities being:
1. Ship Management,
2. Maritime Consulting Services.
The company currently operates from its Head Office Tema, Ghana. The main objective of PSMC is to provide efficient technical management marine consultancy in the maritiime, Oil and Gas industry.
PSMC is led and managed by a team with several years’ experience and technical expertise in the Maritime industry.
The objective of PSMC in Oil and Gas is captured in achieving what the company calls 4G, which is:
⊗ Ghanaian vessel management
⊗ Ghanaian owned vessel
⊗ Ghanaian Flag vessel
⊗ Ghanaian crew

Our objective for commercial vessels is to provide world class technical management services and marine consultancy for vessel owners operating in West Africa and beyond.


We Are Effective & Professional


We Are Always Improving


We Are credible And reliable


At Prime Ship Management and Consulting we understand that operating a ship takes a great deal of resources, knowledge and experience. There are cargoes to find, regulations to meet, maintenance schedules to consider, crew to employ and a whole host of other jobs that is all involved in ship operating.

We have therefore positioned ourselves strategically as ship managers to take on some or all of those operational activities, leaving you as ship owner free to pursue other business aims, such as expanding the business.

Being a wholly-owned Ghanaian company PRIME SHIP MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTING LIMITED focuses on the technical management of OFFSHORE SUPPORT VESSELS (OSVs) and commercial vessels in West Africa and beyond

At Prime Ship Management and Consulting  our principal activities are in Ship Management and the provision of Maritime-related Consultancy Services.

As Ship Managers our activities include:

  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) / Designated Person Ashore (DPA)
  • Commercial Management – arranging employment for the ship (chartering);
  • Technical Management – maintaining the ship and regulatory compliance
  • Crewing –  We attract, train, recruit, develop a highly qualified team on vessel management

As Maritime Consultants, PSMC provides the following services:

  •  Pre-purchase vessel inspections
  •  Pre-vetting and tanker services
  •  Dry-docking and repairs assistance management
  • Manuals, booklets and plans with class / flag approvals
  • Marine Radio and Intercom Services
  • Maritime Training

Our Team

PSMC has the right Management team with the adequate experience and network to provide a full complement of technical management, crew management, vessel accounting and procurement services.

The Management of PSMC have extensive technical expertise in the Maritime, Oil and Gas industry. The experience spans across Marine Navigation, Marine Engineering and Marine Surveying.

To us, being the best means investing in training, research and development to provide excellent services, so stakeholders such us ship owners and charterers attain the highest levels of excellence in meeting their strategic objectives.

It means continuous investment in growing an unparalleled network of top talent around the country to provide excellent services.

It also means using advanced technologies to optimise our solutions while providing a timely tailor-made service to all our stakeholders.


To us, being the best means delivering critical services, so stakeholders such us ship owners and charterers attain the highest levels of excellence in meeting their strategic objectives.


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